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Sea-Monkeys | Ocean Zoo


Now you can have your own Sea Monkeys! This kit gives you everything you need: water purifier, instant live eggs and growth food. These are the easiest pets to have. Aquarium has a ventilated lid and a built in magnifier. A classic set to create your very own adorable Aqua-Pets. Each plastic aquarium is equipped with a ventilated lid, built in magnifiers, and molded seascape bottom.

Includes 3 pouches and feeding spoon!

Pouch 1: Water purifier. Add this to the water and leave for 24 hours.

Pouch 2: Instant eggs. After 24 hours have passed, add the eggs. You won't be able to see them but the Sea Monkeys hatch straight away!

Pouch 3: Food. After the 5th day, feed the Sea Monkeys a spoon full. Although very small, you should be able to see the Sea Monkeys!