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Our Team

Ryan - Tales tell of a legend, that this man once built this website. Some say he shaped it out of an old tennis shoe, others disagree and think he used a famous already well established ECommerce platform....who knows?

Leslie - our graphics design mastermind! She is the queen of making absolutely anything look pretty. Without her everything would be mustard yellow and written in curlz mt. 

Victoria - wordsmith and marketing guru. She writes about the products, then yells about them from the rooftop. Just good luck getting her to stop scrolling through Insta for more than 5 minutes.

Phil - Gift wrapper extraordinaire and warehouse overlord. He fixes the problems too, warehouse turned into a swimming pool? No problems! 

Miguel - Master of fitting odd shaped items into box. He is the fountain of all knowledge and is always full of good ideas. 

Louis - B1 (beancounter 1) – is a wizz at taking numbers on pieces of paper, rearranging them to put on other pieces of paper.