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Lava Lamp | Red & Blue


This classic Lava Lamp stands at 42cm tall and is the perfect mesmerising lighting for a geek of any age.

The lava lamp was originally invented in 1963 by Edward Craven Walker, and become an icon of the '60's groovy look. It was first called a Lava Light and had tag lines like “like wild — way out!”. It's mesmerising properties mean it has lasted the test of time and has remained popular to this day! 

This retro science lamp uses thermal conduction and convection, the wax warms and cools in the suspension liquid and makes organic flowing shapes. 

The wax is a blend of mostly paraffin, and the suspension liquid is a special mixture of distilled water, salt, antifreeze and colouring. These 2 blends are put inside a heat-resistant glass container which is placed on top of a light bulb which creates heat. 

Since the wax's density is so close to that of waters, merely heating the lava lamp up will change the density enough for it to become lighter than water due to thermal expansion. As the wax rises, it cools which makes it heavier and slowly fall back down to the bottom. 

The exact rations of the 2 blends is very carefully calibrated to this rising and falling works perfectly, and that they wax does not break up or just hang in place. 


*Dimensions: 42cm(H) x 23cm (Dia)

*Relaxing soft lighting

*Black aluminium cap and base

*25-Watt light bulb included

*230V Au wall plug

Barcode: 9341570004106