Mobi Games | 1-6 Players

Mobi Games | Mobi | 1-6 Players

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Let us introduce you to Mobi the blue whale, a clever little creature ready and waiting to have some mathematical fun!

The goal of the Mobi Game is to create simple maths equations as quickly as possible in a crossword style grid. Mobi is full of small playing tiles, players draw blue number tiles and use them to create equations (like 1+4=5) by including the white math tiles (=, -, x etc). Each valid equation is called a “pod”, using the blue tiles each player continues to build equations on those pods, similar to a crossword, the person to use all of their blue tiles yells “Mobi” to win.

Play Mobi solo or with a group, you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even realise you’re learning!