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Top 10 Educational Toys for Winter Learning

Top 10 Educational Toys for Winter Learning

Winter is the perfect time to engage kids in indoor activities that are both fun and educational. Here’s a curated list of the top 10 educational toys that will not only keep children entertained but also help them learn new skills and concepts.

These toys, available from our shop, are perfect for enhancing creativity, critical thinking, and scientific knowledge during the colder months.

1. Quercetti Primo Clock Learning Time

Educational Value: Teaches time-telling, improves fine motor skills, and encourages independent learning.

Quercetti Primo Clock Learning Time

Description: This engaging kit allows kids to build their own clock and learn to tell time. It includes a clock face, numbers, and movable hour and minute hands. With an instruction booklet and 18 double-sided practice cards, children can practice reading time in a fun and interactive way.


2. Quercetti Saxoflute DIY Music Maker

Educational Value: Promotes creativity, enhances fine motor skills, and introduces basic musical concepts.

Description: Kids can assemble their own musical instruments with colourful tubes to create trumpets, flutes, and saxophones. The Saxoflute is non-toxic and unbreakable, ensuring safe and creative playtime.

3. Fantacolor Play Eco

Educational Value: Develops hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and creative thinking.

Description: This eco-friendly peg game includes 310 pegs in various sizes and colours, along with four pattern cards for inspiration. Children can create endless designs, improving their artistic and cognitive abilities.


4. Tecno Jumbo Bio

Educational Value: Enhances coordination, logical thinking, and creativity through hands-on construction.

Description: A bio-plastic robot-building kit with screws, nuts, washers, and a perforated tablet for horizontal or vertical play. Kids aged 3-6 can create their own robots, learning basic principles of mechanics.

5. Migoga Marble Run Bio

Educational Value: Encourages creativity, reasoning, and critical thinking, while promoting environmental awareness.

Description: Made from recycled materials, this marble run kit includes 49 pieces to build various tracks. Kids can learn about gravity and physics by observing the marbles' paths.

6. Jellyfish Diver Cartesian Experiment

Educational Value: Introduces basic scientific concepts, encourages curiosity, and promotes hands-on learning.

Heebie Jeebies | Jellyfish Diver Cartesian Experiment

Description: Learn about buoyancy and Archimedes' principle with this fun jellyfish-themed experiment kit. Perform three different experiments that demonstrate scientific principles in an engaging way.


7. Flying Wing Prop Top Spin and Fly Toy

Educational Value: Enhances hand-eye coordination, physical activity, and outdoor play.

Heebie Jeebies | Flying Wing Prop Top Spin And Fly Toy

Description: A vibrant, frisbee-like toy with its own launcher, perfect for outdoor or indoor play. Available in six assorted color combinations, it offers hours of active fun.


8. Heebie Jeebies Eruptions and Explosions Science Kit

Educational Value: Teaches basic chemistry, promotes scientific inquiry, and provides hands-on STEM learning experiences.

Description: This kit includes five explosive experiments, such as launching a rocket and making a volcano. It comes with a model volcano, rocket, chemicals, and protective equipment, along with an educational booklet.


9. Creator DIY Planetarium Build Astronomy

Educational Value: Introduces astronomy, improves spatial awareness, and encourages interest in science and mythology.

Description: Build your own planetarium and learn about constellations. Rotate the constellation plate to match the date and time, and use the chart to identify stars in both hemispheres.


10. Crystal Grow & Explore Kit

Educational Value: Promotes understanding of chemistry and earth science, enhances patience and observation skills.

Crystal Grow and Explore lifestyle 1

Description: Explore the world of crystals by creating different crystal formations. This kit teaches about polymers, crystal structures, and geometry in a fun and interactive way.


These educational toys are perfect for keeping kids engaged and learning during the winter months. Each toy offers unique learning opportunities that combine fun with educational value, making them great choices for parents and educators alike. Visit our shop to explore these products and more, and let the winter learning adventures begin!