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Prof Maxwell's VR Magic Virtual Reality STEM

by Abacus

Prepare to step on stage and experience magic for the first time!

Experience magic for the first timein virtual and augmented reality, with Professor Maxwell’s VR MAGIC! Filmed at the Magic Castle™ in Hollywood CA, kids will have a chance to go on stage and watch popular illusions like levitation, splitting a person into half, mentalism, and even Houdini’s Metamorphosis as if they were there! Learn classic tricks like cups and balls, rope, cards and coins, as Professor Maxwell first invites you into his VR theatre to demonstrate the trick, then teaches the trick as each step in the book turns into a video in augmented reality! 5D Magic will revolutionize the way we learn magic, with step by step instructions the turn you into the magician! This magic kit includes all the materials you need to practice and execute some of the greatest magic tricks in the world!