Little & Sleepy | Koala Hardcover Black White Book

Little & Sleepy | Sleepy Koala | Hardcover Black & White Book

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Babies can only see in black and white for around the first five weeks of their lives. Little + Sleepy books are designed to engage babies right from birth, with bold black and white graphics that babies can actually see.

Sleepy Koala is an adorable book with high-contrast black and white images that will mesmerise your baby right from birth. A simple story about Sleepy Koala waking when children go to sleep, to wriggle through the branches and munch on leaves.

This black and white baby book is a high-quality board book that can be wiped down if required.

Further down the track, the book is a great first reader particularly for children suffering from dyslexia. The author is dyslexic herself and has designed the book in a dyslexic-friendly format, from the fonts to the non-use of any glyphs or serifs that can present reading obstacles. The sentence structure is also designed to be easy to read, using repetition and onomatopoeia rather than forced rhyme, so it is more natural to read aloud and encourage a relaxed transition to sleep.