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Independence Studios | 90 Degree View | Horizontal Glasses

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90º Degree View Horizontal Glasses allow the user to read books, and watch TV whilst laying horizontally. The ultimate lazy accessory!

The glasses consist of a regular frame and a refractive lens which bends the light and therefore the image by 90º, allowing the wearer to read whilst actually looking at the ceiling. The glasses allow the wearer to see images and text in front of them naturally, conveniently, comfortably and clearly in a horizontal position. This can be beneficial to their physical and psychological health, preventing and lessening discomfort in the neck, the lumber vertebra and shoulders.
90º Degree View Horizontal Glasses can be used whilst lying on your back or side, fully-reclined or propped up on your pillows - the fracture lens will always provide the best angle of view. So lie back and watch or read in the comfort of your own bed!