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Aussie Animal Memes | Funny Enamel Pin


5 iconic Aussie animals as enamel pins - with accurate descriptive names!

Swoop Bird
n. an Aussie Magpie. Birb that will squark outside your window at all hours, and then attacks when you try to go outside. Repelled by empty icecream tubs.

Stab Kitty
n. an Echidna. Totes adorbs extra scratchy loofa. Covered in pokey stabies so do not boop! Noms tiny forklifts with its noodle nose. Best at looking sharp.

Nope Rope
n. a snake. A danger noodle who hides away from other bite bites. Can be s l o n k y or a thic boi. Contains hurt juice. If spotted, best to get the nope outta there.

Drop Bear
n. a koala. Floofy but deadly tree dweller that attacks tourists. Catches it’s prey by dropping on heads and ripping their face off. Only known repellent is vegemite behind ears.

Bin Chicken
n. an Ibis. Scabby AF trash vulture that will ruin picnics and topple bins. 10/10 stinky birb. Will take a dump indiscriminately on passing cars.