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The Constatin Puzzles | Flower Maze | Wooden Puzzle

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This puzzle maze / game is made of natural wood and transparent poly-glass, which gives it very unique and fancy appearance as well as extra complexity.
This is pretty hard maze to tackle. There are actually two mazes in 2 different levels that are separated by inner poly-glass (middle layer) full of holes allowing the metal ball to move from one maze on one side of the labyrinth to the other side. It also can be considered as obstacle as the metal ball my "fall" into one of these traps and get lost on the other side of the maze with no intention on your end doing so.
Beautiful brain teaser to have as part of your collection.
The objective of this brain teaser is to find a way to have the metal ball taken off completely from the game through a hole located at the top of one of the sides.
Handmade by Jean Claude Constantin, puzzles designer, inventor, and artist.